Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Told You

Told me. Now we've seen the first multi-day pause, because I broke it by posting something unrelated-ish, serious and boring.


Since I make it my point to mention every single run I go to, let the scribes note that I have gone to SM GY, yet again. It netted me a horrendously insignificant un-chunk of xp, and served no purpose except to give me cause to post.
A warrior may or may not have asked a hunter to turn pet growl off.
A hunter may or may not have done so without further drama.

It's just how the mechanism that operates this blog works: I instance, then I post. Post about the instance? Not necessarily.

It's very opaque to me too.

Uneventfulness aside, I did notice one thing. Or, rather, I thought of one thing, but nothing made me wake up and "notice" it. I guess you could say it was remembered? Is it still noticed if nothing brings it to mind except its continued presence?

I still have the pleasant bright blue text. That's the thing I noticed. Or didn't.
It doesn't matter who I am on, and what I queue for; I have 2-4 roles*. Healer and/or tank and/or dps. Plus leader.

Well, "Guide", as they so diplomatically rename it in 3.2.2.

I never imagined myself wearing a tour guide cap or badge. But standing atop the mountains yelling "For Darnassus/Stormwind/Mulgore/Da Echo Isles, Mon!"? Definately!

No, not that, either. That was a joke.

I don't particularily like mountains, either. It's not that I dislike them, but it's the same with the sea; I appreciate the aesthetical and artistical quality, but they do not appeal to me on a personal level.

Whup, that was irrelevant. Curse my decision not to use backspace.

Why, then, do I always queue as leader?

Do I love tossing orders around?
As much as I love the sound of my own voice, I often shy away from responsibility.

Faster queue times?
I doubt it does as much, and research is still inconclusive**, but as I delight in the wait time farming minutes as dps, and always get instaqueue when I heal or tank, so no.

Am I trying to seperate myself from the others, pretend to be a cut above the rest?
Were I that deluded, it would still collide with me generally being quiet until provoked.

Faith in encyclopaedic knowledge of all instances?
"Yes", except as above, I don't really speak up unless someone asks or obviously doesn't know what they're doing.

I notice, but never care if the shiny bright blue text - new theory, vanity? Aha! - is mine or not, but I realize that if it actually worked; if the average player was more clueless and less afraid of asking questions for fear of being ostrachized, I would queue as "Guide" in a heartbeat.

Now, I do it because the color is pretty, apparently.

Moral of the 4am post***, beyond that I seriously need to stop using multiple stars to denote ridiculously unecessary footnotes; Guide/Leader system gives shiny text, is not being used as the name suggests because of passive hostile PuG environment.

And I truly wonder if the namechange will actually do anything. It's not so much critique and /"omg blizz" as it is

*1d3+1, the PnP Rp'er in me insists.
**I make a point of learning how the LFD system works, and I'm actually making good progress. May make a post on this?
***Had I a remotely normal sleep pattern, this would act as an excuse.

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