Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Branching Out

Due to much activity on my mains - I know plural is a crime to many, when it comes to usage of that word - and some other distractions, both the pleasant kind (Mass Effect 2) and the unpleasant kind (actual work needing to be done), Toes has been collecting dust recently.

Dust on my sexy tusks, combined with it taking a bit of effort to get out of the Graveyard-and-Library pit I am in, means very little postables on topic. Toes. Toespic. Topicoes.

Thus, you get unrelated news, congratulations, you're a winner!

I do love commas.

My warlock, who is L72 and almost as alty - and thus irregularly played - as possible, just created a runed eternium rod. It's immensely satisfying, the kind of thing that makes me sigh with relief every time I think about it.

Well, the first four times.

I've had the mats for it for quite a while, I've had the recipe for longer, and aquiring both was a very roundabout task as I got bad info, gave away all TBC mats (back in TBC, even). The final stretch, 350-375, was about six times more dust-intensive than I thought. Today I scraped together the last two stacks needed. I am at peace.

My priest and my paladin, two other alty creatures, sit on vast amounts of frost. This is my version of the pre-expansion blues: I can't decide whether to buy t10/other gear, or buy saro to sell.

In the end, the gold will be devalued by time, the gear will be obsolete eventually but enjoyed to some degree, though they are not played often.

Well okay, so it's about vanity. I like some of the cloth non-tier frost loot.

Damn that's a mouthful.

Also: That's what she said.

I've never played a single "main" for this long without switching before. Usually, boredom or guild situations makes me change which character I bring to raids as my first option with semiregularity. I'm still trucking on my hunter at the moment, the tank/healer/dps makeup of my current guild is stable, and I'm neither bored nor anxious to switch for any other reason.

That's not to say I'm decided to keep this character for Cataclysm, and level it first.

I'm severely addicted to ginger-haired female dwarves though.

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