Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Worst run ever!

I ran out of beverages halfway.

See, that's a semi-humorous poke, which makes you, gentle reader, assume that I actually had a successful run, and that the worst thing that happened was a drinks-related emergency.

Well, that's a lie.

I still have plenty of liquid sugar joy left.

No really, competent warrior tank, two lifetap-spamming hellfire warlocks, and I actually beat my healing stream totem. Fantastic run.

Since this does not make for good material, like any other of my many, many runs so far, let me hit you with a theory.

Now. Other people, i.e. friends and Internet Strangers(tm) will bemoan that their pugs suck, their loot never drops, their 0.34% miss chance always shows on their haunts/kill shots, they always disconnect during the important bits, they're always getting ganked, etc.

I'm not saying I never whine, but when I hear complaints that involve exaggeration (my loot never drops) or other statistical anomalies that are probably not true, I get plain mean. I've liked to think that this is because I am realistic, and that average stuff averagely happens.

I'm moving away from this theory in favor of a new one; Shit Doesn't Happen.

My roomie continually gets ganked whenever she sets her hapless feet outside Dalaran - this is a mild exaggeration on my part, but it gets the point across. Me? I just about never get ganked. I exchange emotes with hordies, or simply never see them.

Horror stories about pugs are easy to come by in my circle of friends. I can sit on the sofa with Payce or Ayms or Trix or Geg or Ayms' boyfriend - anyone - and say "pugs". Stories will commence.
Personally, as this blog may indicate, I'm having a hard time locating these "bads", and certainly never of severity or numbers to crash a run. Alt or mains, this holds true.

Loot? I don't know what to say here. I had a mediocre cloak, and then it got better. I don't find myself stuck with ilvl 200 Naxx10 gear on a "main" like some. Or, on Toes; I have a mixture of mail and cloth, as is expected for someone levelling as a caster shammy, I suppose.

Seperately, you could surmise that people are more wary of trying to gank a hunter in full pvp gear than a squishy clothie, or that they're reluctant to attack one of the three female dwarves on the server, perhaps? Perhaps I simply set the treshold for a catastrophical pug higher than others, or that I am so singularly awesome that a pug containing me cannot help but succeed?

No, truly, I believe that Shit Doesn't Happen. Occam's razor has spoken.

Sidenote: I dinged 34 and can now wear my pretty red dress.

Now excuse me, another doubtless perfect run awaits!

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