Sunday, 21 February 2010


You don't need a tank to run an appropriate-level instance. Two pallies with 1300 hp and RF on is sufficient for SM Armory.

IRL, liberal amounts of candles will enhance any experience.

Non-Norwegians should mourn the fact that they don't have a source of bamsemums, daily.

Healing Stream Totem is a fairweather friend who shrinks back the second real work needs to be done; see above example on zero tanks.

I still dread Uldaman. I felt relief when I had to decline going Uldaman with my competent Armory group, because of time constraints.

Proof of magic in the real world: Newly made bed + good food late in the evening = 12-14 hours of unconsciousness.

Trolls wear both dresses and goggles best.

Aymee draws hunter t10 better than the game proper.

I Am Sugar.

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