Sunday, 7 March 2010

Tanks and Pink

This bloglike thing is becoming decidedly less Toes-y, I realize. There is just very little to say on the levels 32-40, I realize; me and comrade healing stream totem wage our silent battles, on some dungeons we get tanks, on other dungeons we tank with frost shock to get the remaining two dps groupmembers to get off their arses and nuke. I mean we in the sense of me and my totem, and me and the group in the latter examples.

I am neither British, nor a queen.

Liking the color pink is an entirely seperate matter.

Okay, I admit, that last bit was moderately entertaining, though. The tanking, not pink. Warrior-tank-orc left RFC after picking up some choice mail item, dead mage-san departed after receiving a nice cloth belt, leaving me, a kitty and a hunter. Go zookeeper me. The hunter had extremely.. experimental communication skills, but was competent. The druid had zero confidence in his bear skills initially, but was also competent.

Two competent but reluctant groupmembers? Good enough! Run in, totems, fire nova, frost shock, and start healing; the funny part being that I did not even have to heal every pull. It worked, though, and the cat got confidence to go bear (or was disgusted by my gross incompetency as shaman tank). Result was a slow, but extremely xp-licious run. 98% of a full level, making me 1.12 levels off 40 and chain heal.

I still dread getting Uldaman ever again, though.

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