Friday, 26 February 2010

Ninety-Four Percent

Strangest things happen. This post is actually not tagged as interlude, nor anything else silly!

This is a post about Toesies the resto shammy doing an instance.

I'm scared, too.

Well, in truth, it started with an unsuccessful run in RFD. Or, rather, it was an excellent run until the first fork in the road.
One minor (unconscious) disagreement later, we had neatly and half silently (I could not type as I had to spamheal the tank who was fighting a boss) split into two neat fighting parties, one without any dps, one with a strong absence of healing and tanking.

The Half Full Party(tm) might want to portray it as two vivacious parties, one given to great dps, and one with excellent tanking and healing abilities!

One wipe later, the remaining warlock and I agreed to simply requeue for another dungeon. I figured, hey, RFD will be deprioritized now, odds are I'll get something lighter. SM is nice and bite-sized!

Or Uldaman.

Level 37 snuck up on me, and to me this meant "SM Cath soon, right?".

Not so much.

Sadly, the astute and presumably gentle reader will have realized that little truly interesting came of it.

We did, however, have an asshat rogue who needed on everything, plate included*, and proceeded to helpfully pull as much of the instance for us as he could - before vanishing and leaving them on us.

I think he could smell the kick coming.

[SadWarrior]: Seriously, can I have those shoes and that shield? Please? You can't even use them!
[Rogue]: Care. 200g?
[Toes]: Don't worry about that asshat, the kick lock expires in 2 min.

I think someone tipped him off. Competent Tank handled it, though, and the party went on.

Beyond this? My opinion that They Just Don't Make Them This Way Any More - as a fact, not as sadfaced nostalgic /wristfodder - was reinforced. Proof that Blizzard design philosophy has changed:

15 second sleeps.

Mobs with high passive spell reflect.

This guy.

While, then and there, I bashed my head against the keyboard, (I didn't. Keyboards are highly unhygienic) in hindsight, it's a nice change of pace. Next time, I'm also doing a tremor totem before that infernal sleep.

Still think I prefer 6 second cast shadow blasts, lethal flame strikes and suchlikes, though.

Final verdict: 7/10 will (have to) do again.

*I thought the system prohibited this, but this dashing swashbuckler ran off with plate boots and a shield.

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